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                Digital Sound Level Meter

                Product Features
                • 0.1dB resolution.
                • Range from 30 to 130dB.
                • Maximum hold function.
                • A, C, Z frequency weightings.
                • A, C, Z peak hold function.
                • Fast, Slow and Impulse dynamic characteristic models.
                • AC/DC output jack.
                • Back-screw for tripod fixture.
                • Micro-USB (1151)
                • Auto data memory microSD CARD 4GB. (1151)
                Digital Sound Level Meter


                Applicable Standards

                IEC 61672-1: 2013 Class 2, ANSI S1.4: 1983 Type 2

                Digital Display

                4 digital LCD

                Measurement LevelRange

                30 to 90dB, 45 to 110dB, 65 to 130 dB

                PEAK LevelRange

                65 to 93.4dB, 85 to 113.4dB, 105 to 133.4 dB (1150)

                65 to 93dB, 85 to 113dB, 105 to 133 dB (1151)



                Typical Instrument Frequency Range

                31.5Hz to 8kHz


                ±1.0dB (ref 94dB @1kHz)

                Dynamic Range


                Frequency Weighting

                A, C and Z

                Time Weighting

                F (Fast), S (Slow), and I (Impulse)


                1/2 inch Electret condenser microphone

                Analog output

                AC output

                1.0Vrms corresponding to each range step, Impedance5kΩ

                DC output

                10mV/dB (nominally), Impedance:5kΩ

                Auto data memory

                microSD CARD 4GB   (1151)

                Operating Temperature & Humidity

                -10°C to +50°C, 30% to 90%RH non-condensing

                Storage Temperature & Humidity

                -10°C to +60°C, <70%RH non-condensing

                Power Supply

                One 006P 9V or IEC 6F22 or NEDA 1604 Battery

                Battery Life

                Approx. 24 hours




                Approx. 180g


                Instruction manual, Battery, Carrying case, 3.5f plug, Adjustment screwdriver, windscreen.CD Software (1151), micro-USB Cable (1151).

                Optional Accessory

                AC adaptor DC9V (1151)