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                • Best resolution 1μΩ. Accuracy 0.05%
                • 5A (120 mΩ) max. test current.
                • Manual or Auto Range. (There are 6 ranges of current measurement, and furthermore 3 ranges in each current range.)
                • Measurement of resistive and inductive materials (Two terminal measurement; Four terminal Kelvin measurement)
                • Programmable Hi-Lo alarm with memory of 20 data.
                • Auto-judgments of Hi (readings higher than Hi-Limit), Lo (readings lower than Lo-Limit) and Pass (readings between Hi-Lo Limits). Alarm (beeper) for Hi and Lo.
                • Readings Hold function.
                • Cable length measurement. The length unit can be selected between Meter (M) and Feet (FT).
                • Resistance measurement results excluding cable resistances.
                • Memory of 3,000 measurement data.
                • Large LCD (5-digit) with backlight (users can choose to disable it).
                • Rechargeable batteries and AC adaptor.
                • Low battery (voltage) alarm.
                • Low power consumption.
                • Communicate with PC via RS232C (to USB bridge) cable.
                • Application: various low-resistance (cables) measurement; contact resistance measurement, …etc.

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